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Sold exclusively as an ingredient for soap making or aromatherapy. Not intended for human consumption.

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The green Kratom Strain is a commonly used Kratom strain largely due to the fact that it is easily available. In as much as there are various variations of this strain, the overall effects of the Green Kratom Strain are generally moderate. It offers quite a number of benefits and is therefore preferred by many. Some of the popular benefits of this strain include:
Pain relief
The Green Kratom Strain is a popular pain remedy choice. It is particularly an ideal pain reliever given the fact that it has very little toxins and has a mild taste which is less acidic and less bitter. Another reason that makes this strain preferable for pain relief is the fact that it neither causes drowsiness nor sedation. It is thus a practical option for those who wish to remedy pain during the day without feeling tired or sleepy.
Enhances cognitive thinking
Another benefit of this strain is that it enhances cognition or its nootropic value. This benefit makes it a lot more popular as it is a pretty unique benefit. Users have been observed to exhibit longer attention span and some have reported that they feel less tired when they use it. It also alleviates lethargy and distraction and helps a user focus more. This makes it an amazing option for students and professionals who need all the focus and attention they can get.
Green Kratom Strain has proven to have stimulating effects. Taking this strain therefore enhances and stimulates the sensory nerves. This result in a user feeling alert and more energized while at the same time feeling peaceful and relaxed. It prepares an individual to tackle the challenges of daily living by keeping them mentally calm.
Long lasting effects
The positive effects of the Green Kratom Strain last longer than most of the other strains and variations. This in itself is a benefit to those looking for longer hours of pain relief, stimulation or alertness.
Green strains are popular with people combating withdrawals, but are sensitive to stimulants.

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